About Us

Goodguts is a small family-owned manufacturing company located in Canberra. Goodguts was born out of a three decade long wellbeing journey of severe life threatening allergies, peritonitis, and gut issues.

We were looking for an easy digestive & immunity solution – one that would endure during periods of stress, travel, a hectic lifestyle, was a “clean” product (NO allergens or GMO or sugar or dairy or preservatives) and would work.

We are passionate about digestive health and about solutions that don’t compromise your wellbeing or chosen diet, and even better it tastes good.   Goodguts  is an EASY option, when your diet may already be restrictive.

We understand we all have different wellbeing needs, so we will continue to pursue innovation in gut-loving functional beverages.


goodguts – handmade in Australia by people who used to have gut issues.

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