Pregnancy is a wonderful time of life, sometimes though, it can also mean some uncomfortable issues.  Heartburn, constipation, and some digestive upsets are all common complaints.  This is because pregnant women are at higher risk of digestive issues and constipation due to pregnancy hormones. So, can goodguts probiotics help with pregnancy digestive issues?

If you are looking for a wellbeing solution,that is natural and safe.  Maybe vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free that works?  There is research that suggests that goodguts probiotics is a safe and effective choice for Mums to be.

Heartburn is a common complaint as progesterone, the hormone that relaxes muscles during pregnancy, also relaxes the valve that keeps acid in the stomach.

Using antiacids does provide short term relief from the discomfort, they are not getting to the cause of the pain – the way goodguts probiotic can.

By balancing the gut microbiome or flora, goodguts is creating the most ideal functioning of your digestive tract.  It also speeds up bowel transit time and gastric emptying so there is less chance acid is produced that causes heartburn.

Constipation is another uncomfortable pregnancy complaint, as progesterone can slow down movement of food through the digestive tract.  Apart from how being constipated makes you feel  – it can sometimes lead to haemorrhoids. Yes, another common side effect.

Goodguts works by killing off bacteria that causes constipation, tummy pain and toilet strain.

So is digestion the only benefit for pregnancy?

No, it isn’t.  Goodguts boosts your immunity but can also be good for baby’s immunity.

Probiotics taken by Mum during pregnancy can help baby get a good dose of beneficial bacteria and no “bad” ones –  when they pass through the birth canal.  Which is the beginning of baby’s immunity. Its a wonderful start for baby’s own gut microbiome.

We made sure goodguts is all good for you – we kept all the nasties out of goodguts.  That’s why we manufacturethe probiotic onto tealeaves.  It’s natural, organic, no preservatives and tea has lots of wonderful health benefits.

And the best bit?  Goodguts works and there are lots of research to prove it.  You will start to feel results pretty soon.  I noticed a postive difference in my digestion within days and many goodguts customers agree.

So besides digestive and better bowels – you can look forward to the long-term health benefits like a boosted immune system, better metabolism, clear skin, and hopefully more energy (and that will help with night feeds and broken sleep).

GOODGUTS – Tested for Safety

Goodguts has been tested safe upto over 90 cups per day (you only need a max of 2) and our tea was also tested in a US Probiotic Laboratory – to ensure you get 1 billion cfu – AFTER adding boiling water, so you can be confident in your goodguts cuppa.