Incredibly there are ten times more microbe cells in your gut as there are cells in your entire body!  These microbes or microbiome are a mix of microbes common to most people and others unique to you based on your diet, environment and even your age and good health – the greater the diversity of good species the better your health.

Your microbiome plays a role in a number of functions, including creating hormones, nutrients (vit B and K), amino acids, breaking down our food, creating dopamine and serotonin and providing immunity – 70% of immunity cells are in our gut wall.

Our probiotic, Bacillus coagulans, is a lactic acid-producing bacteria that is normally dormant, surrounded by a naturally occurring shell which protects it from boiling water and stomach acid.  It has been described as behaving like a seed and can stay dormant until the environment is right.

The magic happens when it gets to your small intestines where the probiotic “wakes up” and goes into action.

goodguts probiotic brings balance back to your gut microbiome by producing lactic acid which supports good bacteria in the gut while displacing “bad” or harmful bacteria that cause inflammation, digestive upsets, irregular bowels, bloating, wind and many other conditions.

Good health begins in the gut – get goodguts:

  • Backed by research
  • Available in both teabag & looseleaf
  • Certified organic teas
  • One cup per day, everyday

When consumed daily, research shows goodguts probiotic tea may get the good gut bacteria back in balance and supports good digestive and immunity health, enhanced protein absorption, and better recovery from intense exercise.  There’s more info on the science of goodguts probiotic on ‘The Science’ part of our website.

goodguts Probiotic Tea offers an EASY solution that addresses the need for an allergy-free, dairy-free, taste-free and convenient probiotic. It’s an easy, wellbeing gut support that endures during periods of stress, travel, and a hectic, time poor lifestyle – because life happens and nothing is better than a cup of tea.

Start having goodguts probiotic tea today – your guts will thank you.