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Nicole Groch

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After a week on the Peppermint Probiotic Tea, in combination with a low FODMAP vegan diet, I noticed that I was barely getting gassy and bloated anymore.

I am now nearly through the Sencha Tea pack, and I find that so long as I don’t eat high FODMAP foods and drink the tea, my IBS symptoms are greatly reduced.

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Goodguts Probiotic Organic Teas



Goodguts Probiotic tea is a tasty and convenient way to have your probiotics daily.  I felt the benefits within a week of starting drinking the teas and will be taking some with me when I travel to Bali later this year.



I have been on goodguts over a month now and I have noticed such a difference. I am not bloated or having tummy issues and it’s easy to remember to take as I have a tea everyday. Highly recommend it! It has changed my life 



If I could give them 10 stars I would! It’s an ingenious and easy way to have those healthy probiotics that we lack in our lifestyle!

Thanks again!



This tea is amazing!!! I ran out of tea within the last week and can definitely tell the difference without it. I need to get some more ASAP and will never let it run again. Works like a charm!



I have really noticed the difference since using Goodguts Probiotic Tea. I don’t feel sick in the stomach anymore, no bloating or cramping symptoms and I have more energy. I ran out for about a month and within that month was run down and also caught a nasty cold. I’m relieved to be back to my daily Probiotic tea! Thank you!






Imagine you could get a good probiotic & drink tea at the same time, well you can head over to goodguts.com.au Tastes amazing and so easy one cup per day



I LOVE the peppermint goodguts Tea as I rage on about it all the time.



Tastes super delish



It’s true!! I have been taking it for 4 days and I see a big difference with my bloating



I love it!


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