Our Probiotic

The next generation of probiotics for gut health has arrived in Australia- goodguts Probiotic Tea. A functional beverage made in Australia – a real cup of tea with a smart probiotic.

Yes, you read that correctly, tea with probiotics! The very first probiotic tea in Australia.

  • Live active probiotic
  • Survives boiling & stomach acids
  • Makes it to your gut alive
  • Dairy-free & Vegan
  • No known allergens
  • No GMO
  • No sugar

If you are someone who follows a plant-based diet, or is dairy free, or have allergies, you will know there are not many probiotic products/foods unless you take supplements. goodguts Probiotic Tea is an exciting new gut health product for you.

goodguts probiotic is a good bacteria that supports digestive and immune health, and enhanced protein absorption in a delicious cup of tea. The best news – you can’t taste the probiotic, our tea is delicious with no aftertaste.

You drink it like your normal cup of tea – with sweeteners or your milk of choice.

Although adding probiotics to a hot beverage may seem counterintuitive, as goodguts probiotic is heat stable it will survive to become active in your gut.

It’s guaranteed to make it to your gut alive where it can start to support your gut’s health. This is unlike probiotics used in dairy products or yogurt drinks or kombucha, as all our good bacteria reach the gut alive – backed by research as ten times more effective than dairy.

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