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We have just manufactured a limited number of Rooibos and Earl Grey teabags

Say hello to the next generation of probiotics….. in a cup of tea.

Our powerful probiotic survives boiling water and stomach acids to become active in your gut – and that’s where the magic happens.

Backed by research to deliver gut and immune health. Our patented probiotic, Bacillus coagulans, is heat stable and will survive boiling water and stomach acids, guaranteed to make it to your gut alive.

 10 times more effective than dairy cultures

1 billion cfu per cup

That’s goodguts.

Backed by research:

– brings balance back to your gut microbiome, creating a healthier gut,

– supports immune function,

– enhances protein absorption, including plant proteins, &

– reduces recovery time from intense exercise.


Fair trade

Certified Organic

No fridge required

No known allergens

No preservatives


No gluten

This is what a smart probiotic for gut and immunity health looks like now

You drink it like your normal cup of tea. You can add anything you like, the probiotic will be unaffected. The choice is yours.

Available in:  28 day packs of probiotic Breakfast, Peppermint, and Green tea. Teabags and looseleaf.

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