Frequently Asked Questions

What is a probiotic?

Probiotics are live ‘good’, ‘friendly’ or ‘beneficial’ bacteria that, when ingested at adequate amounts, may support good health.

Can I add boiling water to goodguts tea?

Yes. Our probiotic is heat stable.

Can I add milk and sugar to goodguts tea?

You can enjoy goodguts just like your normal cuppa.

Can I have more than one goodguts tea a day?

Yes, its safe to have more than one cup a day. You may decide to have more than one cup a day in times when your gut is under stress or traveling or post antibiotics.

Which teas are available in teabags?

Breakfast, Green, Peppermint and Skin Glow Rooibos are available in teabags.

Does goodguts tea need to be kept in a fridge?


Our probiotic is stable at any temperature and can survive freezing and boiling water or in a top drawer at work.

Is goodguts tea organic?

Our probiotic and teas in our standard range are certified organic.  The Australian grown tea range is not certified organic but is grown on pesticide free farms.

What is the calorie content of goodguts tea?

The calorie content of our teas is very low so we do not list the calorific value on the packaging.

Does goodguts tea support immune or digestive health?

The probiotic has been shown to support immune health at 500 million CFUs per day and digestive health at 1 billion CFUs per day.

goodguts Probiotic Tea has been laboratory tested to deliver 1 billion CFU per cup.

Has there been research on the probiotic?

Our probiotic strain is supported by over 25 published clinical studies on its safety and efficacy. It has shown that it can survive harsh conditions and supports digestive and immune systems and now protein utilisation.  Research is ongoing. Check out The Science page.

What does CFU stand for?

Colony forming Units. This is the standard measurement used to quantify probiotic cell counts.

Is the probiotic safe to have every day?

It is recommended to have a good guts probiotic tea daily to replenish the good probiotic as part of your wellbeing plan.

Testing has shown that the probiotic is exceptionally safe and billions of servings have been consumed without a reported adverse effect.

It is safe for you to increase your goodgut probiotic tea intake during periods of stress, gut issues, travel, post antibiotic usage or as part of a fitness or health detox plan.

What other benefits does goodguts tea have?

The strain of probiotic used by goodguts  (Bacillus coagulans GBI 30-6086) has been shown to improve muscle recovery after intense exercise, and the absorption of protein, particularly plant based.

Does goodguts tea contain caffeine?

Black and green teas all contain various levels of caffeine.  We have peppermint and herbal blends that are caffeine free.

Do you sell wholesale?

We sure do.  Contact us on & we will be delighted to chat about what you need to start supplying goodguts teas to your customers.

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