Is your gut out of whack?    Do you want a tummy tamer?     Need to beat belly bloat or pain?

Perhaps you are looking for an immunity boost before flu season hits? Did you know that gut health is linked to many common ailments?

The next generation of probiotics for gut health has arrived in Australia- goodguts Probiotic Tea.

A functional beverage made in Australia – a real cup of tea with a real probiotic.

Yes, you read that correctly, tea with probiotics! The very first probiotic tea in Australia. This article is part 1 introducing goodguts probiotic tea. Part 2 discusses the probiotic in detail.

A busy lifestyle, illness, travel and stress can decrease good bacteria and invite unfriendly bacteria and yeasts in to our bodies, disrupting our gut microbe balance, leaving you vulnerable to irritable digestion, heartburn, constipation, diarrhoea, food allergies, headaches, frequent colds, skin problems and belly bloat. With every day we hear more about how our gut health is linked to another health condition.

And its because our digestive system is amazing.

It keeps us healthy with over 70% of our immunity residing in our gut. Our humble and often overlooked gut extracts energy from our food, produces vitamins and more than two dozen hormones that manage multiple systems within our body. It does this from everything morsel and liquid we put into our mouths.

What is even more amazing, our gut is our second brain. Our gut affects everything from cognitive function to our mood, it signals for the release of serotonin more than your brain does.

Gut health is quickly becoming a health priority for many Australians. Recent media and tv documentaries have highlighted how increasing evidence now exists showing how we feed our gut microbes is key to our health and weight. Balance among the hundreds of microbe species of bacteria in the gut is key to helping control the bad bugs that would cause a gut disruption or sometimes even illness. If this sounds interesting (I think it does) we will explore gut health in future goodguts articles.

But diet isn’t the only factor that positively affects our gut micro-diversity. There is now an increased focus on probiotics being a part of the solution but, some popular probiotic offerings are incompatible with many Australian diets, allergies and health requirements. Some of us require a novel solution that is easy to integrate into our daily routine and might even be enjoyable.

Say hello to the next generation of probiotics – goodguts Probiotic Tea that meets the demands of a busy lifestyle with a powerful probiotic to support digestive and immune health, and enhanced protein absorption.

Although adding probiotics to a hot beverage may seem counterintuitive, goodguts probiotic – is heat stable and will survive boiling water & stomach acid to become active in your gut. You drink it like your normal cup of tea – even with milk, honey or sugar.

goodguts Probiotic Tea offers an EASY solution that addresses the need for an allergy-free, dairy-free, taste-free and convenient probiotic. It’s an easy wellbeing solution that endures during periods of stress, travel, and a hectic time poor lifestyle – because life happens and nothing is better than a cup of tea.

When consumed daily, goodguts probiotic tea supports good digestive and immunity health and may get the good gut bacteria back in balance.

I want goodguts Probiotic Tea – available now online at