Our goodguts probiotic is backed by research, with over 25 studies published in peer reviewed journals on its safety, efficacy and stability.

Research has highlighted that when goodguts probiotic is consumed daily, it creates a healthier intestinal environment, supports immune function, and enhances protein utilisation. Goodguts probiotic is the only bacillus that has been endorsed by Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Michael Roizen, and Dr. Andrew Weil.

There have been extensive safety studies on our probiotic that have been published and they proved that even when consumed at a much higher level than what is found in products, there are no safety concerns.

Our probiotic manufacturer’s onsite research and development facility is one of the most advanced probiotic technological laboratories in the world.

Goodguts Probiotic Tea has been laboratory tested in the USA, to ensure you receive 1 billion cfu in EVERY cup of tea and, of course, for its safety.

All this this research shows that our probiotic does a lot to keep our digestive and immune systems working optimally by helping digest food better, increasing utilisation of minerals and proteins, and reducing tummy pain and bloat.

But, like everything that’s worthwhile, it takes a little while but you will see a positive difference, keep taking goodguts tea daily and see a positive goodguts change. It’s that easy.