Probiotics are “good”, “friendly” or “healthy” bacteria that when ingested in adequate amounts may help support good health. 

Or as The World Health Organisation (WHO) describes it – probiotics are live micro-organism that “….when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.”.

Not all probiotic strains are the same.  Different strains offer different benefits and some probiotic strains survive manufacturing, shelf life and digestive transit better than others.  goodguts probiotic survives to reach your gut alive.  

goodguts Probiotic Tea has been tested to ensure a minimum of 1 billion cfu in every cup of tea.

Many probiotics are destroyed by stomach acids so don’t make it to your gut alive or in the numbers that your gut needs to operate optimally.  goodguts probiotic makes it to your gut alive to bring balance back to your microbiome by producing lactic acid which supports good bacteria you already have in your gut while displacing the harmful or ‘bad’ bacteria that can lead to tummy troubles.

Gut health is quickly becoming a health priority for many Australians.  There is an increased focus on probiotics being a part of the solution, but some popular probiotic offerings are incompatible with many Australian diets and health requirements.  Some people require a novel solution. That’s goodguts.