You may have also heard about how prebiotics are good for gut health.  Prebiotics are food for our good gut bacteria. – they nourish the gut bacteria.  They are specific types of fibre, nondigestable carbohydrates in our food, that our gut cant digest but feeds the bacteria in our gut.  Some people find that prebiotics can cause symptoms like wind and bloating.

Fermented foods are a component of most traditional diets.  Fermented foods can be made at home easily and include yogurt, sauerkraut kimchi, kefir and kombucha.  Eating fermented foods, once your gut is healed, is a key component to health and wellbeing as fermentation makes their nutrients more available to our body.  Consuming fermented foods and prebiotics along with goodguts probiotic will help your gut digest everything more effectively and potentially increase the diversity of your gut microbiome over time

But you may find you have trouble digesting prebiotics and fermented foods.  The low FODMAP diet restricts the intake of many high prebiotic foods which have a history of causing tummy upsets (like onions and garlic). 

Taking goodguts probiotic may help alleviate some of your gut symptoms while you are healing your gut and getting your gut back into balance.